Two Crows

We believe in happy plants with healthy genetics and living soils.

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We are a microfarm and plant nursery. Our goal is to make growing and eating healthy food much more accessible to the average person. Our methods as well as the methods in our educational resources focus on using nature to balance itself out, avoiding any practices and chemicals that put strain on our world.

Nursery Items

We sell seasonal nursery items, all grown eco-friendly and gently.
We have something for you, whether for food, decoration, indoors or outdoors. Check our calendar for more information.

Growing Kits

We develop our kits so you can grow your food from the comfort of your kitchen. We have kits for microgreens, indoor herb farms, and fire escape gardens. Join our mailing list for updates on availability and discounts.

Micro Greens and specialty agriculture products

Reach out to us!